Managing a consulting, IT consulting or audit firm: trends and challenges for 2024

Is the consulting industry becoming obsolete?

Is it being overrun by technological advances?
Is it too engulfed in scandals?
Is it surpassed by newer generations?

I do not agree with this
pessimistic view of the sector.

Business consulting, IT consulting and audit firms play a crucial role in helping economic entities adapt to significant socio-economic shifts across the globe. The sector is in the midst of numerous transformations, including advancements in data analytics, artificial intelligence, sustainability, reindustrialization, and national sovereignty. Prepared to meet these challenges, the industry is witnessing a growing demand for its services. As a result, the consulting field is expected to thrive, potentially achieving double-digit growth rates annually.

By partnering with The Boson Project, we are aiming to highlight the key challenges of the sector in 2024. To do this, we relied on our daily interactions with our 150 client companies, on in-depth interviews with leaders of major sector players, and on feedback from hundreds of consultants.

I hope this study will provide you with valuable insights. In any case, we will be by your side to meet the challenges of the sector in 2024.

Happy reading.

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