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How far we've come, from PickYourSkills to Napta

We are very proud of the evolution of PickYourSkills and of all our collaborations achieved in only 4 years of existence. Today, we are changing our identity to make way for a brand that will further reflect our mission, which is to help businesses maximize engagement and performance through informed, transparent and human project planning.

But that's not all: it will also support our international development ambitions and highlight all the possibilities offered by Napta, and not just the opportunity to “choose your skills”.

Napta, a new name for a new brand

In Egypt, 8000 years BC, there is a site composed of a series of stone blocks. Beyond the stability and solidity that it symbolizes, this site is none other than the first calendar in the world. It allowed populations to anticipate the seasons, to plan plantations and therefore to organize collective life in the best possible way...

What's his name? Nabta Playa.

A simple small change allowed us to include our core business in this new name: Scheduling, Project and Performance.

Because the observation is indisputable:
Voluntary commitment should be encouraged

The natural evolution to Napta

Napta is not a replacement for PickYourSkills, quite the opposite. This new brand is based on
values, operations and beliefs that have been the strength of our team since its creation.

We have a sense of service

Support is part of our DNA. At Napta, we put all our energy into understanding the challenges we face. We make sure to always find a solution adapted to the development of all. We are always listening. There to help and facilitate, with flexibility and openness. Without ego or judgment.

We are kind, always

At Napta, we believe that collaboration and communication are the keys to shared success. This is why we make every effort to enrich and share our expertise on a daily basis with our employees, customers and partners. We are precise and pedagogical. Sharp and reliable, a real trusted third party. For more efficiency and autonomy.

We have an unwavering ambition

At Napta, we are committed to collective success and individual growth. Our steel mind and our good humor are our strength, no obstacles frighten us. Demanding but humble, for us, nothing is impossible.

We are honesty incarnate

At Napta, we always strive for accuracy in our communication, because honest exchanges ensure effective teamwork and successful individual growth. We always share the information necessary for the success of our projects, regardless of their nature. Rights by nature and by conviction. We are sincere and pragmatic.

They chose to work
with Napta

Thanks to Napta, we can now both facilitate the sharing of knowledge through peer learning, map the evolution of these skills, and monitor their evolution over time. In this way, we are able to compose the most relevant teams for each client project. In addition, we appreciated the support from the Napta teams, and the listening to our needs, which made it possible to develop the tool and adapt it to our corporate culture.

Audrey Huvet
Director of the Center for Contributive Research

Thanks to the deployment of Napta, we have succeeded in streamlining our annual evaluation process. We have also digitized end-of-project evaluations in order to monitor and support our employees in their development at VERTONE.

Fabienne Goarzin
HR Partner

With Napta, we have accelerated the professionalization and digitalization of our HR processes: we can now follow the career of all our consultants on a single tool and support them in their development at TNP. Napta is the ideal partner for conducting and monitoring our interviews, managing the skills and abilities of our employees, and promoting our training approach.

Marine Normand
HR manager

For the management of staffing and skills at Kaora Partners, we chose Napta, a simple and collaborative solution, which places our employees at the center of planning challenges and which offers real support.

Sébastien Calvez
Co-founder and partner

Napta reports allow me to make decisions quickly. They summarize all the information that is essential to me: availability, distribution of employees on current missions and vision on those who are not or under staffed over the coming weeks. Thanks to this vision, sales teams have better visibility and we make better staffing decisions.

Louise Leroux
Sales Operations Manager BAM

With Napta, we can connect with our CRM and have replaced three tools in order to make staffing more fluid and to support consultants in their professional career at Bartle.

Patrick Nicolle
Founding partner

We have built a highly personalized and actionable skills framework for very specialized jobs thanks to the support of Napta. This allows us to define an ambitious GPEC policy and to support our employees throughout their careers at EDF.

Laurent Billet
Scientific director

We had started the internal development of a staffing and skills management tool in order to support our growth. The discovery of Napta convinced us to choose off-the-shelf software that meets our needs, in order to focus on developing our customer projects and other essential internal tools.

Laura Pochebonne
Recruiting manager

With Napta, we have met two objectives: to facilitate and equip the management of staffing and to implement a real policy for developing the skills of employees through staffing.

Alix Pradère

With Napta, we were able to increase our staffing rates and save time in the planning process. We can now also manage the financial margin of missions sold in real time on Napta. In addition, we have gained in transparency since all our employees have total visibility on the firm's new staffing opportunities and can apply for them.

Vincent Luciani
Co-founder & Global CEO

I saved a lot of time as an administrator between the old software used and Napta. The online support is very efficient and very responsive. The whole Napta team is really responsive, it's a real pleasure!

Sophie Bourguignon
Office manager

With Napta, Rhôn'Telecom is taking a step forward by equipping itself with a solution that is easy to use and specialized in the management and career management of its talents. The methodology and support of the Napta team were decisive for the successful deployment of the solution and its interconnection with the Rhôn'Telecom Information System.

Théodore Villette
Operational manager

At Axys Consultants, we managed to acquire a global vision of the firm's activity thanks to the deployment of the Napta platform in less than 5 weeks. We have configured our reports with our priority KPIs and can monitor the progress of our projects as closely as possible.

Lionel Bianchi
Associate director

The new staffing process implemented with Napta is a source of satisfaction for all. Consultants can see potential future missions and “apply” for them, project managers receive faster and more qualitative proposals from collaborators for their projects, and operations managers save time in processing resource requests.

Samir Sadaka
ex VP & Operations Director

By working in partnership with Napta, we have better understood the challenges of linking “skills” and “ways to increase skills” such as training. We had the opportunity to integrate the recurrent training courses provided over the past several years into our internal and external training plan in a simplified way. For the first time, we have thus created the Rhôn'Telecom training catalog.

Nathalie Darce-Kawak
Human Resources Director

When choosing our tool, we wanted a “pure player” in staffing, capable of responding to the most complex problems. After an in-depth benchmark of the tools on the market, Napta came out number 1 in this research. It is the solution that offers the greatest customization and flexibility, which was necessary due to the different processes of our BUs.

Jason Delabays
Head of No-Code
Eight Advisory fait confiance à PickYourSkills pour son staffingVertone confie à PickYourSkills son staffing et la gestion des compétences

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