Smart staffing™ : Your hassle-free planning
Identifying and positioning your consultants has never been easier. Thanks to AI, offer yourself the planning agility you've been dreaming of.

Napta naturally puts your consultants back at the center of your staffing process to allow you to build the most competent and motivated project teams.
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Combine all your project data with Smart Staffing™
Find all your opportunities, your projects, your employees, their availability, in the same place, in the same format and automatically updated.
Count on Napta to keep you up to date with any new requests or incoming projects.
Quickly access all the requests of your managers and take advantage of a consolidated view of their needs.
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The new staffing process implemented with Napta is a source of satisfaction for all. Consultants can see potential future missions and “apply” for them, project managers receive faster and more qualitative proposals from collaborators for their projects, and operations managers save time in processing resource requests.
Samir Sadaka
ex VP & Operations Director
Quickly identify the right profiles and let AI create scenarii
Define in a few clicks the search criteria that correspond to the needs expressed by your managers.
Broaden your search field with AI and skill matching and find talent beyond your initial search criteria.
Prioritize your answers according to the constraints of the projects and the suggestions of collaborators.
3x faster
to the needs of your customers
Quickly create the best project system
Napta's AI combines the skills, availability and interests expressed by your employees with your needs to offer the optimal combinations.
Generate scenario simulations, compare the impacts on the load plan and adjust your teams according to your needs.
In a few clicks, create tailor-made resumes that perfectly meet the new business opportunity, in line with your identity and up to date.
Suggest profiles
without wasting time
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Give yourself the planning agility you've been dreaming of
Create, modify, duplicate, or postpone employee assignments in just two clicks on the calendar.
Organize the planning of your internal or external collaborators without distinction.
Over-staffing, under load, discrepancies or conflicts: anticipate to find the best planning solutions and gain in responsiveness by highlighting the problems revealed by Napta.
In-app notifications
That reveal the points of attention
Stay in the know when plans change
Discuss comments - without changing the context - for collaborative staffing where information flows fluidly.
Staffing requests, mission outings or the interest of your employees in a project: automatically receive a notification by email.
In a few clicks, create tailor-made resumes that perfectly meet the new business opportunity, in line with your identity and up to date.
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Frequently asked questions

How do I initialize my talent pool in Napta?

The initialization of the talent pool can be done thanks to the interconnection between Napta and your ERP or HRIS. If you prefer, it is also possible to create the profiles of your talents by importing flat files or resumes. However, we advise our customers to prioritize the connection between Napta and personnel management tools: the information held in these tools is automatically retrieved by Napta, which makes it possible to avoid double entries and to ensure the consistency of data between the various systems.

APIs and integrations

Who can use and see staffing scenarios and simulations?

Anyone in charge of managing staffing can use the simulated staffing function. It depends on the demand and the process of our customers. For example, it is possible to activate the simulated staffing function for managers, who can thus preposition employees on their missions. The staffing committee can then validate or not the proposal according to all the needs.

Processes and workflows

In what formats can my collaborators' CVs be exported?

You can export the resumes of your employees in the format adapted to your needs and the requests of your customers (PDF, WORD or PPT) without modifying your template.

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