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of managers think that AI represents a gain in productivity.
Source: Napta 2024 Report
of CIOs saw digital transformation as their top priority in 2022.
Source: Harvey Nash and KPMG
of world leaders believe that their business is not viable in 10 years if it does not transform.
Source: CIO Survey 2022 PwC
of consultants say that staffing is a priority subject for the company.
Source: Napta 2024 Report
Frequently asked questions

How do I initialize my talent pool in Napta?

The initialization of the talent pool can be done thanks to the interconnection between Napta and your ERP or HRIS. If you prefer, it is also possible to create the profiles of your talents by importing flat files or resumes. However, we advise our customers to prioritize the connection between Napta and personnel management tools: the information held in these tools is automatically retrieved by Napta, which makes it possible to avoid double entries and to ensure the consistency of data between the various systems.

APIs and integrations

In what formats can my collaborators' CVs be exported?

You can export the resumes of your employees in the format adapted to your needs and the requests of your customers (PDF, WORD or PPT) without modifying your template.


Who can use and see staffing scenarios and simulations?

Anyone in charge of managing staffing can use the simulated staffing function. It depends on the demand and the process of our customers. For example, it is possible to activate the simulated staffing function for managers, who can thus preposition employees on their missions. The staffing committee can then validate or not the proposal according to all the needs.

Processes and workflows
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