The resource management IA powered saas that boosts profitability and commitment
Increase your performance and profitability through IA powered, simple, effective and informed planning. Make the best decisions for you and your teams using a leading staffing solution that puts performance, collaboration, and engagement at the heart of how it operates.

Identifying and offering a profile quickly to a customer is now a reality!
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Eight Advisory fait confiance à PickYourSkills pour son staffingVertone confie à PickYourSkills son staffing et la gestion des compétences
Fast identification and mobilization of the right profiles
AI helps you create the most efficient and committed project teams, quickly and well
Import and centralize all the CVs of your consultants, with their skills and past experiences.
Let your employees specify their aspirations and take them into account during your research.
Cross this information with the requirements of each project and find the most relevant profile in a snap.
Export his resume in two clicks, and that's it: you respond 3 times faster to your client's needs and maximize your chances of winning the project.
3x faster
of the most relevant collaborators
Performance and profitability monitoring
Boost your profitability by finely controlling your staffing rate
Perfectly visualize the intervention periods of your teams and control mission exits thanks to automatic alerts and notifications.
Anticipate future missions by combining the skills soon available with those sought by your customers.
Work on global projects - involving multiple offices - and let Napta handle the complexity of different currencies.
Focus on the most profitable opportunities. Simply follow the evolution of your margins and maximize them according to your model (management, package).
- 21%
Of intercontract
Pool, develop and complement the skills of your teams
Bring together internal and external profiles (subcontractors, candidates...) on Napta.
Decompartmentalize your business units or offices and mobilize employees outside your perimeter.
Benefit from reports on skills that are in tension or not used to understand the future needs of your customers and best guide your recruitment efforts.
Perfect match between your needs
in skills and your recruitments.
Napta, votre facilitateur
à tous les niveaux
Le staffing ne sera jamais aussi simple qu’avec Napta.
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Boostez la productivité de votre ESN et l'engagement de vos collaborateurs : faites de vos équipes le moteur de tous vos projets ! Pilotez sereinement votre activité, pour gagner en performance et en rentabilité.


Avec Napta, faites de votre staffing l'un des piliers de votre performance : optimisez votre rentabilité, maximisez vos marges et boostez votre marque employeur. Le tout grâce à une solution, simple, intelligente et exhaustive, mais surtout, dédiée au staffing.

Business manager

Identifier et proposer un profil rapidement à un client est désormais une réalité. Des CV sur mesure pour une proximité directe avec les besoins de vos clients, des alertes sur les fins de missions, un pilotage de votre rentabilité facilité : le staffing ne sera jamais aussi simple qu'avec Napta.

Digital services company specializing in the cloud
200 users
Thanks to Napta, we can now both facilitate the sharing of knowledge through peer learning, map the evolution of these skills, and monitor their evolution over time. In this way, we are able to compose the most relevant teams for each client project. In addition, we appreciated the support from the Napta teams, and the listening to our needs, which made it possible to develop the tool and adapt it to our corporate culture.
Audrey Huvet
Director of the Center for Contributive Research
Firm specialising in digital innovation
250 users
We had started the internal development of a staffing and skills management tool in order to support our growth. The discovery of Napta convinced us to choose off-the-shelf software that meets our needs, in order to focus on developing our customer projects and other essential internal tools.
Laura Pochebonne
Recruiting manager
Startup studio specialized in digital and data
800 users
Napta reports allow me to make decisions quickly. They summarize all the information that is essential to me: availability, distribution of employees on current missions and vision on those who are not or under staffed over the coming weeks. Thanks to this vision, sales teams have better visibility and we make better staffing decisions.
Louise Leroux
Sales Operations Manager BAM
IT consulting and implementation firm
800 users
When choosing our tool, we wanted a “pure player” in staffing, capable of responding to the most complex problems. After an in-depth benchmark of the tools on the market, Napta came out number 1 in this research. It is the solution that offers the greatest customization and flexibility, which was necessary due to the different processes of our BUs.
Jason Delabays
Head of No-Code
Data transformation, data marketing and AI consulting
1300 users
With Napta, we were able to increase our staffing rates and save time in the planning process. We can now also manage the financial margin of missions sold in real time on Napta. In addition, we have gained in transparency since all our employees have total visibility on the firm's new staffing opportunities and can apply for them.
Vincent Luciani
Co-founder & Global CEO
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