Napta is the core of your best-in-class computer system

After successfully convincing your teams of the need for staffing software, after having found Napta, the tool that fits your needs, and after having unlocked the necessary budget for its implementation, we take over: our teams take care of perfectly matching our solution to your computer system.

interconnexion Napta

With Napta, we can connect with our CRM and have replaced three tools in order to make staffing more fluid and to support consultants in their professional career at Bartle.

Patrick Nicolle
Founding partner

Together, we are preparing the ground to facilitate implementation

By connecting Napta to your computer system, you avoid data loss, errors, or double entries. To prepare for the interfacing, we determine with our customers the specifications for each connection. This makes it easier to initialize and configure your new staffing software and ensure its full use!

Integration by flat files or API, the choice is yours

To effectively connect Napta to your computer system, there are several options available to you. We can connect us to your API or leave you the choice to connect to ours to dialogue with our solution. We can also retrieve the required information via flat file exchanges. Our technical teams create these interfaces to save you time.

Test and challenge: the baptism of fire

On paper, everything is ready to start using Napta. To ensure this, we offer a sample of users to put our solution in front of the reality on the ground before opening access to all teams. Test, challenge: we take care of sending all your feedback to perfectly match the platform to your daily needs.

Opening of the platform and launching of use

General communication, support for administrators and weekly follow-up: our team is at your disposal to help you ensure an effective and smooth launch for all your employees! A successful deployment is a deployment that leads to a real use of your new staffing solution: our teams work hand in hand with you to achieve this objective.

So, ready to get started?

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