The number 1 IA powered resource management saas for project mode enthusiasts
Open the field of possibilities! Napta is the IA powered staffing solution (sometimes referred to as project planning) made for all teams working in project mode.

Complete more projects by mobilizing the right people and skills, for better performance.
More than 150 companies trust us
Eight Advisory fait confiance à PickYourSkills pour son staffingVertone confie à PickYourSkills son staffing et la gestion des compétences
Identification of project teams
Identify in the blink of an eye the project teams adapted to your constraints and ambitions
Centralize all the profiles of your employees (internal and external), with their skills, aspirations and availability.
Let AI cross this information with the constraints and requirements of each project and offer you the most relevant profiles.
Select those who will embark on the project and validate: your teams are formed and ready for action.
The winning combination for
each project, simply.
Load tracking
Carry out more projects thanks to the precise monitoring of the load of your employees
Give yourself a clear vision of the occupation of your employees, to understand at any time who is working on which project, since when and for how long.
Manage the global or individual load in real time. Evaluate its impact on the performance of your projects and adjust as time goes by to avoid overload.
Anticipate periods of overload or underload based on future projects and the availability of your teams.
+ 12%
of completed projects
Skills, commitment, performance
Promote voluntary commitment to guarantee the performance of your business
Give your employees the opportunity to declare their skills and aspirations, directly visible on their profiles. They can also indicate their interests in a project or training course.
Know exactly who has what skill and with what level of expertise and what certification.
Precisely mobilize the skills and know-how of your employees.
Create efficient, constantly growing and voluntarily committed project teams.
Combine proven expertise
of your employees and
the obvious interest in a
given project - success guaranteed!
Napta, votre facilitateur
à tous les niveaux
Le staffing ne sera jamais aussi simple qu’avec Napta.
Directeurs de département

Avec Napta, il ne vous faut que quelques secondes pour organiser la planification de tous vos projets. Vous vous reposez enfin sur un outil qui fait coïncider vos besoins opérationnels avec la charge de vos équipes. Anticipez, planifiez et performez !

Chefs de projet

Gardez le contrôle sur vos projets grâce à Napta, l'outil idéal pour planifier, engager et faire performer vos équipes projets. Vous vous reposez enfin sur un outil qui fait coïncider vos besoins opérationnels avec la charge de vos équipes !


Napta est la seule solution dédiée à la gestion du staffing et des compétences qui offre une performance débridée dans un cadre où la sécurité des données est garantie. Faites grandir votre système informatique grâce à un outil parfaitement intégré, pour des process toujours plus efficaces et optimisés.

Energy supplier
2000 users
We have built a highly personalized and actionable skills framework for very specialized jobs thanks to the support of Napta. This allows us to define an ambitious GPEC policy and to support our employees throughout their careers at EDF.
Laurent Billet
Scientific director
Information and communications technology
1400 users
By working in partnership with Napta, we have better understood the challenges of linking “skills” and “ways to increase skills” such as training. We had the opportunity to integrate the recurrent training courses provided over the past several years into our internal and external training plan in a simplified way. For the first time, we have thus created the Rhôn'Telecom training catalog.
Nathalie Darce-Kawak
Human Resources Director
Information and communications technology
1400 users
With Napta, Rhôn'Telecom is taking a step forward by equipping itself with a solution that is easy to use and specialized in the management and career management of its talents. The methodology and support of the Napta team were decisive for the successful deployment of the solution and its interconnection with the Rhôn'Telecom Information System.
Théodore Villette
Operational manager
our resources
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