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Why should we still choose between commitment and performance in 2024?
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Why should we still choose between commitment and performance in 2024?

Content manager
February 24, 2021
5 min

🚨 β€œI would like to complete more projects in my business but my performance is always hampered by time-consuming tasks.”

🚨 β€œI never know what mission I'm going to be on in the coming weeks and if I'm going to enjoy it.”

🚨 β€œI constantly feel like I have to choose between the performance of my business and the satisfaction of my employees.”

Too many companies are still thinking about these things in 2023. In addition, there are concerns related to the COVID-19 crisis, limits in social interactions, teleworking...

Fortunately, there are solutions to reconcile the business challenges and employee commitment in your business. 🀩

Our CEO Arnaud Caldichoury was invited to the set of B SMART on the show Issues and Priorities by Jean-Marc Sylvestre to explain to us how, in 2022 and in a general unclear context, you can:

βœ… Carry out more projects and become more efficient.

βœ… Improve employee engagement and development.

βœ… Reconciling business and human challenges.


Have a nice viewing! πŸ“Ί


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Do you want to go deeper into the subject? We have lots of resources at your disposal to help you go further.

In addition to this subject, find our white paper β€œThe keys to an optimal staffing process”.‍‍

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