Your teams are growing thanks to your projects
Create a virtuous circle between the commitment and performance of your employees thanks to a label that guarantees your teams, candidates and partners that commitment and learning are at the heart of your operation.
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View skills and certifications on the employee profile
Let your employees declare and self-assess their skills on their profile. They indicate their wishes concerning the mobilization of the latter: these are their aspirations.
Complete your competency framework with certifications and keep an eye on their validity.
Stay up to date on the skills and preferences of your teams collected in the platform. Go one step further with AI and analyse trends.
Employee satisfaction
Keep your competency framework intact
Let AI help you dynamically map skills within your business.
Let the AI offer you matches between the skills present in the CVs of your employees and your reference frame of reference.
Rely on Napta to ensure that external data from importing resumes doesn't disrupt your repository.
External data adapts to
your frame of reference, not the other way around.
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With Napta, we have accelerated the professionalization and digitalization of our HR processes: we can now follow the career of all our consultants on a single tool and support them in their development at TNP. Napta is the ideal partner for conducting and monitoring our interviews, managing the skills and abilities of our employees, and promoting our training approach.
Marine Normand
HR manager
Integrate upskilling into your talent development strategy
Centralize the career paths available in your organization in Napta.
Detail the skills required for each position through job sheets accessible by your teams.
Quickly identify which skills your employees need to improve in order to qualify for a position.
Make professional development coincide
of your employees with business challenges.
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Establish a real feedback culture through mission evaluations and annual interviews
Regularly review the progress of your teams through end-of-mission evaluations and/or annual evaluations.
Benefit from the automatic updating of expertise levels and the addition of new skills acquired in the employee's profile at the end of the evaluations.
Follow the evolution of your teams on a given skill thanks to the history.
Real-time update of your map of
skills and profiles of your employees
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Frequently asked questions

Can you visualize the training courses available in your company directly on the platform?

We can import and manage a training catalog on Napta. It will be managed like projects and your employees will be able to see the courses and declare their interest (via the like project). HR managers will be able to position employees on the right training courses based on their skills, career paths and positioning wishes.


Who defines the level of expertise of employees?

On Napta, the expertise level of the skills can be updated by two actors. First, the collaborator, who himself provides his expertise and the associated level that he considers himself to have. Then, it is possible to have this level “validated” by an evaluation by a peer or a manager, during an annual evaluation or at the end of the mission for example.

Processes and workflows

Comment importer un référentiel de compétences dans Napta ?

Après avoir construit votre référentiel de compétences, accompagné par votre Account Manager dédié, notre équipe s’occupe d’importer votre référentiel (et toutes ses spécificités) sur la plateforme.

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