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Why is Napta staffing software the best alternative to your Excel files?
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Why is Napta staffing software the best alternative to your Excel files?

Agathe Placet
Content manager
February 3, 2023
4 min

We are in 2023 and you are still managing your staffing on Excel ? It is high time to end it ! Excel is a bit like Cinderella's pumpkin. It can give the illusion of being a carriage, but quickly. its true nature Gains the upper hand... And does not allow you to go to the end of your path. Napta takes stock of the advantages of choosing its solution, THE reference staffing software.


What appeals to businesses when we talk about Excel

Of course, when you start, you have to work with your budget. That's why Excel, or its connected brother Google Sheet, are favored by businesses starting their business. The arguments in their favor are multiple:

  • It is flexible and free (for Google Sheet at least);
  • It can store an unlimited database;
  • It allows data to be organized and cross-referenced in dynamic tables;
  • It can be easily shared to a third party, etc.


However, everything is not so rosy...

Recall that originally, the objective of Staffing software Is dEnsure the creation of the most relevant project teams to successfully complete a project. However, Excel does not meet this definition in any way! As soon as you use it for staffing management, you realize that:

  1. No collaboration possible. Indeed, an Excel file can only be worked on by one person. Result? The file is exchanged an innumerable number of times... We no longer know which one is good, the data is updated without any consultation... This is the door open to manual errors that will affect the smooth running of your staffing process.
  2. An unlimited database kills data. Quickly, you have to read X tabs, not touch such data, see your own altered, scattered or lost... In the long run, they are no longer reliable or usable.

➑️ The lack of data security And their disorganization are harmful to your staffing. You should therefore turn to solutions that are designed FOR your staffing and not try to create it yourself...

Napta staffing software offers everything... and more

Napta is a staffing software that has all the advantages that you are looking for with Excel: the accumulation of data, their organization, the possibility of exchanging data, etc. But not only!

The staffing software Napta offers essential features to carry out its projects successfully:

βœ… Of centralized AND organized data. In a few minutes, you can find them legibly. You cross-reference all the data you need to create your project teams.

βœ… Of data updated in real time, allowing you to manage your staffing without a hitch. You know everything about your employees: their availability, their skills, their current projects, their CJM/TJM, their desires for professional development, their areas of interest...

βœ… One interconnected staffing tool. The staffing software is connected by the API to all the other software in the computer system. You no longer risk double data entry, the information is reliable and updated in real time.

βœ… One powerful search engine to find your way around. Do you have a deadline? A CJM to respect? Are you looking for rare skills? In two clicks, you have already found your ideal candidate.

βœ… One monitoring available skills. Staffing managers update the skills mapping and the wishes of employees during interviews conducted at the end of each mission. In the key? Satisfied employees who evolve while staying at your side. You are experiencing less turnover for a soaring engagement rate πŸŽ‰

βœ… One secure software. The stored data is not likely to be shared and/or disclosed to third parties. They are saved and updated in real time: it is simply impossible to lose data.

βœ… Of the visibility for everyone and not only staffing managers. A detail that is not a detail, since managers can see their team, employees can see projects and apply for them, directors and managers have a consolidated vision of the entire activity...

βœ… Of reports to maximize margins by highlighting projects at risk of slippage, to ensure that employees are not under staffed/over staffed, that all the ETPs necessary to carry out future projects are available.


And the list is long! With Napta staffing software, your teams are coordinated and interconnected, for even more performance (profitability, customer satisfaction, engagement rate, etc.).

If you want to learn more about our staffing software, do not hesitate to contact the Napta teams to request a demo!



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