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TNP Consultants x Napta

A unique digital tool to monitor the professional development of 500 employees

The main results of TNP Consultants
Faster and more relevant staffing
Simplified career monitoring
A dynamic training catalog
TNP Consultants is a French, European, hybrid and independent consulting firm, specialized in operational, digital and regulatory transformations of companies.
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Training dashboard

At TNP Consultants, the teams are well aware that training and skills development are the engine of growth. They therefore make every effort to ensure that employees remain at the forefront of knowledge of their market and their specialty. However, to succeed in reaching such an objective, the company must follow an optimized training process. And Napta was chosen to support him on this challenge!


The TNP Consultants challenge


A hybrid consulting firm, TNP Consultants has been supporting managers of large companies since 2007 in their digital transformation programs. Specializing in multisectoral matters and collaborating on a daily basis with more than 500 consultants, the company supports its customers around the world.

A large company that, however, had inadequate tools (not connected, not centralized...) to monitor the professionalization of its employees. She naturally turned to Napta in order to meet two main challenges. First, facilitate and centralize the management of skills and aspirations on a single tool. Then, digitize the evaluation process to simplify team monitoring. Two challenges that were taken up head-on by the Napta teams, who did everything they could to revolutionize TNP Consultants' HR processes.


TNP Consultants challenges


A big company has big challenges. TNP Consultants is no exception! He therefore asked the Napta teams to support him on 4 major challenges.

First, set up a mapping of skills, as well as aspirations... Unique and adapted for all employees, through 5 different offices and countries! Objective: to create a common language for all employees, which is essential to ensure the fluidity of international exchanges.

Then, improve the quality of staffing. The latter did not take into account the aspirations or skills of employees, thus preventing the promotion of progression through experience.

In addition, digitizing semi-annual and annual employee evaluations is necessary. Until now, these were carried out differently depending on the business units, and it was very difficult for the HR department to centralize and consolidate the data collected.

Finally, it was necessary to create a training catalog, linked to skills mapping, on a single tool that was completely digitized and common to the entire company.


The results!


To date, all 500 employees (spread over 5 different countries) use our platform as a skills management solution!

The Napta teams first of all supported TNP Consultants on skills mapping, based on a framework adapted to the specificities of their businesses. This mapping has made it possible to meet the expectations of HR, who now visualize the state of evolution of skills profiles on a single tool.

In addition, this mapping has made it possible to significantly improve the quality of staffing. Thanks to its intelligent matching algorithm, it is now possible to match the operational needs of a project with the interests and development wishes of employees. Staffing is faster, more relevant.

In addition, career monitoring has been simplified. The use of a single digital tool made it possible to centralize evaluations and automate the updating of employee skills. HR no longer needs to open hundreds of documents to retrieve data!

Finally, the creation of a digital training catalog that is accessible to all, allows employees to clearly visualize the available training courses and to apply for them freely. HR can enrich it over time and anticipate their career development strategy adapted to employee feedback. Employees thus see their profile evolve according to their desires for their professional career.


Training at the heart of careers at TNP Consultants


At TNP Consultants, employees use PickYourSkills to consult the training catalog and register for them according to their aspirations. Focus on their process:


HR managers feed the catalog

HR managers are responsible for creating maps corresponding to current and future training courses on the platform. They specify all the information relating to these (dates, description of the speakers, service providers, location, etc.).

Employees indicate their interests

Employees, for their part, connect to the platform in order to browse the training catalog. Depending on their development wishes, they express their interest in training on the latter through a β€œlike” system.

HR managers drive the strategy

There is no need to go back and forth through the catalog to see who is interested in what training. HR instantly receives all the interests expressed by their employees. They can thus select and prioritize the next trainings/sessions to be launched accordingly. A time-saver for all!

With Napta, we have accelerated the professionalization and digitalization of our HR processes: we can now follow the career of all our consultants on a single tool and support them in their development at TNP. Napta is the ideal partner for conducting and monitoring our interviews, managing the skills and abilities of our employees, and promoting our training approach.

Marine Normand
HR manager

TNP Consultants got closer to its employees


TNP Consultants sought above all to centralize information on its 500 employees, as well as simplify processes. The Napta solution saved them time by strengthening the link between HR and consultants. The processes have been digitized and standardized, in order to simplify and develop the careers of employees at TNP Consultants.

Observed benefits

Faster and more relevant staffing
The creation of a dynamic skills map allowed the establishment of a more relevant staffing system, based on availability, but also on the skills and aspirations of the teams. Selecting the right profile has never been easier!
Simplified career monitoring
The centralization and historization of evaluations on a dedicated and unique tool makes it possible to monitor the evolution and progress of employees.
A dynamic training catalog
The integration of a complete, dynamic and connected training catalog allows employees to have control over their careers and HR managers to have a clear vision of the training wishes of employees.
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