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What is project planning?
Project planning
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What is project planning?

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September 15, 2021
3 min

Project planning is now facing new organizational problems in companies. As a result, most of them are increasingly decompartmentalizing their departments. So much so that they mobilize project teams not according to the jobs of the employees, but rather according to their skills. This therefore requires even more rigorous planning. Let's look at how project planning is done today and on what human and technical bases are.


Definition of project planning


Project planning consists in setting up a method to achieve an objective and in organizing group work within a defined time.


Business project planning involves setting up:


  • Project deadlines
  • The periods dedicated to each part of the project
  • the right people on the right axes of the project
  • risks and how to respond to them (absence, external reason, change of position, etc.)


For the project manager as well as for all those who will be involved in this mission, this planning makes it possible to manage their time. This is in order to be able to put a project into production on time and to respect the budget. But to plan a project effectively, you still need to apply a methodology and the right tools.


Techniques to implement to plan a project

Before planning a project and achieving the objective set while maximizing its profitability, a business must first understand what it needs.

Determine the scope of the project (time, cost, skills)

Any business project, whether it is a question of taking a step in digitizing its tools, or even designing a new product, must be done within a predefined framework.

Time is the first enemy of all projects, but making it an ally and respecting it can, on the contrary, give teams both strength and motivation. In addition, there are questions of financial cost (and the longer you wait, the more expensive the project is), as well as the essential skills to be implemented.

Pooling existing strengths and essential information

Project planning also requires bringing together all the people who have the skills to carry it out successfully.

The project manager must also have a global visibility on the members of the project, their expertise and their working time.


Project planning tools

To choose a good project planning tool, you must first know your own expectations based on your activities and what solutions can meet them.


Define your needs and choose the right software

Depending on the target of the project, its scope and the possible obstacles of collaborators, choose a tool that will facilitate your task beforehand and thus the success of the project. Are its features right for you? Which ones do you think are important? What software can improve your project planning ?

Beyond these questions, there is one element to be taken into consideration when choosing the tool: its ability to integrate everyone's skills and availability.

Project planning with Napta


Napta is a global solution of Staffing which offers a module of scheduling of project, in particular to companies organized in project mode. It takes into account all the company's challenges in terms of cost and time at the same time, but it adds functionalities related to the skills, abilities and availability of employees. So you can plan your projects knowing exactly which profiles will make up the best team.


Want to know more about how Napta is used? Our experts are at your disposal to discuss your goals and challenges!

Do you want to go deeper into the subject? We have lots of resources at your disposal to help you go further.

In addition to this subject, find our infographic”Staffing management: 5 ways of organization”.

Also discover our guides, templates and checklists in the Resources tab.

See you soon at Napta!

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